• Areas of legal practice

    Areas of legal practice

    CASTANCE AVOCATS, a business advice and litigation lawfirm

    • Commercial Law
    • Corporate law
    • Economic law
    • Banking and financial law
    • Civil law / contract law
    • Insurance for policyholders or intermediaries
    • Construction / real estate development
    • Insolvency proceedings
    • Criminal and para criminal business law

Business in difficulty, purchase or sale of a company, breach of contracts, recovery ...

Whatever the need, CASTANCE AVOCATS assists French and foreign business leaders in all legal areas related to their business.

We act both in advice and in litigation and dispute settlement situations in civil and commercial matters.

Domaines Interventions

Registered on the list of referent lawyers of the embassies of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, CASTANCE AVOCATS is a firm resolutely turned towards the international matters and is regularly appointed to assist English-speaking citizens in their various legal and judicial issues in France (incorporation of companies in France, accidents, criminal proceedings, etc.)

Our missions

Defend your interests and those of your company, advise you and provide you with indepth expertise on all legal aspects related to your economic activities. We represent French and foreign companies in all their litigation (civil, commercial and criminal jurisdictions), arbitration (internal or international arbitrations, ICC) or before administrative authorities (AMF).

CASTANCE AVOCATS also takes in charge the prelitigation phases (reminders letters, legal advice, etc.). Thanks to more than 10 years of expertise in business law, we are able to answer all your questions and advise you on the issues you encounter on a daily basis.

Our values

Ensure the highest quality of our support thanks to indepth legal expertise and attentive listening to management issues. We are committed to finding the solutions that best suit the concerns and interests of business leaders.

We defend the interests of our clients and work with them to find solutions that perfectly meet their problems.

Our position

Guarantee availability and responsiveness whatever our area of intervention.

Close to business leaders, we work in close collaboration and in total trust with them.

Our areas of legal practice in business law



Commercial Law

Debt collection / defense to debt collection
Negotiation of amicable settlements for the discharge of debts,
Termination of commercial relationships, contractual and tort liability, surety bonds, commercial bills ...
Commercial lease litigation

Corporate law

Conflicts between shareholders and / or managers (management expertise)
Implementations or defenses with guarantees of assets and liabilities

Economic law

Unfair competition,
Contracts and distribution

Banking and financial law

Bank guarantee and banking liability defense

Civil law / contract law

Breach of contracts
Civil liability, particularly professional liability of legal representatives, accountants, notaries, etc

Insurance for policyholders or intermediaries


Construction / property development

legal expertise in construction, conflicts within coownerships, etc.

Insolvency procedures

procedures for preventing business difficulties (ad hoc mandate, conciliation, prevention), dealing with difficulties (reorganization, judicial liquidation) and preparation of plans offering the disposal or takeover of assets;

Criminal and paracriminal business law

criminal proceedings for all offenses related to corporate law (industrial accidents, criminal financial law such as misuse of corporate assets). The lawfirm assists its clients both at the perpetrator and victim ‘s sides during investigations, instructions and the trial phase. The firm can also assist and represent its clients before the Sanctions Commission of Financial markets (AMF).